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COVID-19 Information

We are now back working under COVID-19 Alert Level 1. Unfortunately the shutdown has resulted in some delays for testing to schedule and we are working to clear the backlog. If you have concerns about the safety of any equipment before we visit for your routine testing, please contact us. During the pandemic our engineers will be maintaining vigilance around personal protection and sanitizing of equipment.

Please check before use
When you are busy and under additional stress, it is easy to overlook the safety of your equipment. For the safety of your patients and your staff, please take a moment to check your medical devices each time before you use them to ensure they are in safe, sound condition. Particularly check for damage to cords, plugs, switches, or parts than come into contact with patients. If you are in any doubt about the safety of the device, please resist the temptation to use it and either look for a replacement or find an alternative way to complete your procedure. Please pass this advice on to your teams.


Introducing Meditest...

Meditest specialises in medical electrical safety and performance verification programs (medical equipment testing) for healthcare facilities in Canterbury, New Zealand.

We are proud of our expert and professional service which we always strive to deliver. Our engineers are all specially trained in medical appliance testing and keep up to date with the latest legislation, standards and equipment. In addition all of our engineers are licenced electrical workers, which means we can legally carry out minor repairs alongside the equipment testing. Please note that this may not be the case for all companies offering safety testing services.

There are several reasons why our customers use our services. Maybe it is to comply with the relevant legislation and standards, or perhaps to pass their next accreditation audit.  However we believe the most important reason above all is to provide a safe environment for both patients and staff along with an exceptional standard of care.  We can help you achieve all of these.

We invite you to look around this website, where you will find not only information about our company and services, but also useful resources covering the safe use of electricity and electrical appliances in medical applications.  When it comes to electromedical testing and calibration, we are the experts.  Look here to see what makes us different to other companies.

Many practices are now gearing up for compliance under the Foundation Standard or CORNERSTONE® accreditation.  We can provide assistance with the medical electrical safety testing and equipment calibration aspects of this.

If you are interested in establishing an electrical safety and performance verification program for your practice or facility, please contact us for a free, no-obligation appraisal*.


* Within the Canterbury region only. Distant customers may need to wait until we visit your area


New Services!
Meditest is now able to perform calibration checks on patient scales (adult and baby/infant).  It makes economic sense to have this done at the same time as your other checks.  Please ask about this service.

We are now also able to check most common models of oxygen concentrators.  Please ask about this service as well.

Please note that information given in this website may have been simplified to provide a basic understanding, or legislation and standards may have changed since writing.  Please always refer to the current legislation and standards for a definitive explanation on these and related topics.