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Expert and professional service always!

About Us

Our Company

At Meditest we specialise in testing of medical electrical equipment for electrical safety and performance verification.  Our clients include general practice medical centres, physiotherapy and dental clinics, radiology centres, hospitals and training facilities.  We are based in Christchurch, New Zealand and mainly service customers within the Canterbury region.

Here is what makes us different:

  • We are a specialist medical electrical safety and performance testing company.  We are not a repair company and we don't sell equipment, so our sole mission is to ensure your facilities are safe and your equipment is functional.  Our service is therefore impartial and we won't try to sell you new equipment or repair services that you don't need.
  • Our service is comprehensive. We provide onsite testing for most common medical devices as well as the RCDs and Body Protected Areas in your building.  We do our best to cover all the bases so you don't need to deal with a number of different companies. (There are however some specialist items such as autoclaves and defibrillators that need to be checked by their service agents.)
  • Our engineers are specially trained in this work and carry appropriate registrations and practicing licences. They come from extensive backgrounds in biomedical equipment service, design and development, which provides a thorough understanding of how your equipment is supposed to work.
  • We want you to pass!  Sometimes we find minor faults that we can fix on the spot, so we do.  If there is a charge for this it will be a minimal amount to cover parts and time.  Often its just part of the service. Major repairs may need to be referred to a service agency. Please be aware that companies who do not employ licenced electrical workers cannot legally do such repairs for you, which means you will need to call in another technician or electrician at additional cost.
  • We are experts in our field and are always willing to give professional advice to our customers when you ask for it. We won't charge extra for this, but please note however that we only provide this service to our own customers.
  • Our service is designed to cause minimal disruption to the operations of your practice. There is no extra charge for working outside normal business hours - in fact that's what we prefer. That way we can work faster and keep your costs down!
  • Our charges are competitive and without surprises.  We charge only for the work we do and you will receive an itemised invoice.  We keep our overheads low and work efficiently to maintain a competitive edge.
  • We try to live up to our motto: Expert and professional service always!


We have a new name but you already know us!

Meditest is operated by Barrie Woods supported by a small team of skilled engineers. Barrie was a founding director of ElectroMedical Testing Service, which was established in 1993, and was actively involved with that company until its restructuring in April 2014.

Meditest's experience is built on a 20 year history in the field, using proven systems and processes developed specifically for our local customers.  Alongside this Barrie has a long history working in the bioengineering field at both service and management levels.  He is confident that Meditest customers will be well looked after with the best experience and expertise available.

As part of the decision to separate the service areas of Electromedical Testing, Barrie decided that Meditest would focus on providing safety testing services to medical, dental and specialist practices, rest homes, hospitals, and radiology facilities. Barrie says, "Our philosophy of providing an impartial service means we don't sell or repair equipment. Our sole mission is to ensure our customer's facilities are safe and their equipment is fully functional."

The Meditest team draws on expertise from some of Christchurch's best trained biomedical engineers and technicians. When not working for Meditest they design and build leading edge medical technology for the city's largest health provider. They bring specialist skills in patient care and diagnostic systems as well as radiology.


A note about ElectroMedical Testing Service Ltd.
ElectroMedical Testing Service Ltd (EMTS Ltd.) ceased trading in April 2014.  Another company with a similar name has since been formed. Like Meditest this is a completely new and separate company, rather than a continuation of EMTS, but the similar naming has caused confusion.  Please be advised that when you make a booking with either company you are NOT booking with EMTS Ltd., despite the similarity of name in one instance.  Meditest has chosen to take on a new identity and branding, and we hope previous customers of EMTS Ltd. will recognise the history and expertise behind us.  If you choose Meditest you will actually be showing loyalty to more than 20 years service that Barrie has provided in the Canterbury region.