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Although we can perform safety testing of medical electrical appliances on a casual basis, most of our customers join our contract safety verification programme. This offers the advantage of reduced prices, record storage and automatic reminders when retesting is due.

There are three separate facets to our testing programs as described below, as well as training sessions that you can add to your professional development syllabus.

Electrical Safety Testing

All electrical appliances used for patient treatment, diagnosis or monitoring are required by law to be tested for electrical safety at least every 12 months.  This involves both a physical inspection of the appliance and a number of electrical measurements of insulation resistance, earthing integrity and leakage currents.  For medical appliances these tests are specified in the AS/NZS3551 standard.

Once an appliance has passed an electrical safety test it is labelled to say it is safe to use and the customer is provided with a copy of the test record.

Performance Verification

Performance verification is a check to see that a medical device is operating correctly and within expected parameters.  Many medical electrical devices (such as an electrocardiograph) are required to be performance verified as part of their mandatory tests, but various non-powered devices are also routinely checked.  Examples are tympanic thermometers, sphygmomanometers and patient scales.

Body Protected Areas & RCD Testing

Medical procedures involving medical electrical appliances are recommended to be performed in a Body Protected Area.  In simple terms this means the power supply to the treatment area is protected by a medical grade RCD (a type of safety switch).  These must be tested and certified annually to the requirements of AS/NZS3003

After appropriate risk assessment many practices will however decide not to set up Body Protected Areas.  Where this the case medical grade RCDs must still be installed for use with medical electrical appliances and are required to be tested annually. 

Because the process of testing RCDs involves the interruption of power supply, this process is best performed when your practice is not operating.  It also requires that all computers are shut down to prevent accidental data loss.  Because of this we don't charge any extra for undertaking this work outside normal business hours.



Want to include electrical safety training as part of your professional development program?  We can provide a training session tailored to your practice.  Or if you would are looking for some training material you might like to download our Safe Use of Electricity in Patient Care training guide.  This is free to use so print or circulate as many copies as you want.

Health and Safety

We take Health and Safety seriously.  Here is a copy of our Health and Safety Policy that our engineers will adhere to when working on your premises.


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