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Audits and Accreditation

The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners has some useful information on Body Protected Areas in their Foundation Standard section (see the Foundation Standard and Interpretation Guide). There is also some information on medical electrical appliance testing in the same document.

There is also useful information on the CORNERSTONE® Programmes for general practices in New Zealand.

Please note you now need to login to the RNZCGP website to access the Foundation Standard and Cornerstone documents.

Expert advice and support for your practice on employment, financial management, legal compliance and much more can be found at:

NZ Articles About Safety Testing and Equipment Checks

Medical Device Maintenance: An overlooked necessity An article published in NZ Doctor Magazine, September 2015. (You may need to log in to access this article.)

Safety Around Medical Devices.  Link to a pdf of a PowerPoint presentation on the subject, from a talk given by Nick Sharma at the General Practice Conference and Medical Exhibition 2013.


Electrical Safety

Here is an excellent tutorial on electrical safety at written by an anaesthesiologist working at Broomfield Hospital in the UK.  Take a look around the rest of this site - there is some interesting information.

Technical Resources

The New Zealand Society of Biomedical Technology offers a resource for those working in this field in New Zealand.  The forum section is undergoing some rejuvination at present so please feel encouraged to join up and participate to help build a useful resource.



Check back here soon as we will be adding more useful links and information.