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Meditest Terms of Trade

These terms of trade apply only to electrical safety testing and performance verification work.  They do not apply to supply of goods other than components and spare parts used in conjunction with such work.

Delivery of Service

  1. Safety testing and performance verification work is usually carried out on the customer’s premises.
  2. Meditest staff agree to abide by any safety and health conditions set by the customer when working in their premises.
  3. The customer agrees to provide access to the equipment to be tested at the agreed time and understands that unavailability of equipment may incur additional costs or result in the equipment not being tested.
  4. The customer is deemed to have received the service purchased when the Meditest engineer provides the test reports for the equipment tested (or when labels have been affixed to items that do not require reports).
  5. Equipment is deemed to be safe to use at the time of testing unless a failure notice is issued, but Meditest cannot be responsible for subsequent failure, damage or misuse occurring after this time.
  6. Where equipment fails testing, the customer agrees not to use the equipment until it has been satisfactorily repaired or replaced.  The customer is responsible for arranging such repairs or replacement.
  7. Meditest does not as a general rule undertake repair work, but at the time of testing may, at its discretion, undertake minor repairs required to make an item compliant.  Non-compliant or faulty 3-pin plugs or IEC power cords will be replaced as a matter of course with relevant charges being made.
  8. The customer understands that for testing of some items electricity supply may be briefly interrupted in some areas.  This may require computers or other equipment to be shut down.
  9. The work undertaken by Meditest meets the relevant standards and regulations in force at the time.  This does not necessarily imply that all aspects of a customer’s equipment and installation fully meet the requirements of all relevant standards, particularly when the customer has not requested that all aspects be tested or where some work must be completed by other parties.
  10. Any advice given by Meditest is provided in good faith but does not overrule or substitute for the requirements of the relevant standards and regulations.
  11. Meditest customers may be subscribed to Meditest's email newsletter but have the right to opt out at any time.


Payment Terms

  1. Payment falls due on the date of invoice and is expected to be made by the 20th day of the month following the date shown on the invoice.  Payments not received by this time are deemed overdue.
  2. Costs incurred in following up late payments may be recovered from the customer.
  3. Payment is to be made on receipt of the invoice.  Statements are not issued.
  4. Payment may be made by cheque or bank transfer.


Warranties and Claims

  1. Meditest undertakes to make good any defective work or components.
  2. Claims to make good must be made within 14 days of work being completed.



  1. These conditions do not override any conditions set by New Zealand law.
  2. These conditions apply only to services provided within New Zealand.